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Watching: Produce x 101 (result thoughts)

I just finished watching the live finale episode for Produce X 101 with out subtitles. I was really planning to watch it with subtitles tomorrow but I just can't wait. So first of, I understood that the new boy group is named X1. It is fitting, but feels strange like X-men. Anyways, I love the… Continue reading Watching: Produce x 101 (result thoughts)

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#N.E.W.T.S 2019 magical readathon

Time is really fast, I'm still reading my third book for the OWLs 2019 magical readathon. Although, I need to prepare my NEWTs TBR for august, I'm confident that I'll be able to finish my third book for OWLs before August. Anyways, Newts is another exam in the Harry Potter universe. It is more comprehensive… Continue reading #N.E.W.T.S 2019 magical readathon

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Something New: “Naruto” eOneBook

As an avid reader of manga, the "Naruto" eOnebook kickstarter project got my attention. This project solves my shelf space problem since for one copy of this eOneBook I'll have the 72 volumes already. Also, it is easy to transport and no charging is needed because batteries are only used. It does not replace the… Continue reading Something New: “Naruto” eOneBook

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watching: produce x 101 (third elimination and final evaluation songs)

Last friday, the third elimination of trainees and sports festival was aired. No "x" revival stuff happened and 20 trainees were left for the final elimination which would result to the members of the final debut group. Before the elimination a sports event happened and a make up class. The sports event was hosted by… Continue reading watching: produce x 101 (third elimination and final evaluation songs)

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Anime Review: one punch man season 2

Title: One punch man season 2Number of Episodes: 13 Genre: Action, Sci-FI, Supernatural, Seinen, ComedyStudio: SheuishaPremiered: Spring 2019 SYNOPSIS A continuation of season 1 where Saitama defeats more opponents with a single punch. A monster society is slowly creeping its way into society. Also , a martial arts tournament is joined be Saitama. Where he… Continue reading Anime Review: one punch man season 2

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update: Book pile purge /02/

For my first book it is My plain Jane. I am 170 pages in and it Jane is getting sillier by the moment. I hope she gets level headed as I read on. So far, I love Helen, she is an awesome ghost. The writing is still the driving force for me to read this… Continue reading update: Book pile purge /02/

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book review: Birthday Girl by Penelope Douglas

Title: Birthday Girl Author: Penelope DouglasEdition: ebookPublication: Published April 17th 2018 by Penelope Douglas LLC (first published April 15th 2018) Pages: 349 pagesCategory: Adult, Romance, Contemporary SYNOPSIS: From New York Times Bestselling author Penelope Douglascomes a new forbidden love story… JORDAN He took me in when I had nowhere else to go. He doesn’t use me, hurt me, or… Continue reading book review: Birthday Girl by Penelope Douglas

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mid year evaluation: bookish goals

This year, I have 5 bookish goals. Since, it is half of the year already, I would like to evaluate and remind myself of them. The following are my bookish goals: I would want to challenge myself and read more diverse books. This is a challenge for me because I usually get reading slumps after… Continue reading mid year evaluation: bookish goals

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watching:produce x 101 (concept evaluation song)

For episode 10, 30 trainees plus an X trainee were divided into 5 different songs. I personally liked U got it and Move. It was a bonus that Zico made Move. The trainees needed to decide the center, main vocal, main rapper and leader. However, this could be changed by the maker of the song.… Continue reading watching:produce x 101 (concept evaluation song)