anime I have started watching..

Back Street Girls: Gokudolls..I'm in episode 7 and its very entertaining. Sometimes it makes me cringe knowing that they are 3 mafia men who went to Thailand and had their sex changed. This was their punishment sue to a failed mission which endangered the whole mafia group their part of. It was either to become... Continue Reading →


July 2018 wrap-up

I'm very thankful and blessed

soap and ACOTAR fanfiction

Hello! Hello! Hello! I don't know but I was on YA twitter yesterday and a post of ACOTAR ( A court of throne and roses) and a soap shaped as a dick was trending..I can't even think how both can be connected but apparently they are.. the soap was part of a subscription box with... Continue Reading →

Bookish Websites which I like

August 14: Favorite Book Blogs/Bookish Websites I usually watch videos from booktube when I want to know about books. As for bookish websites, I only know a few. Somehow, this TTT post is making me aware that I need to widen my perspectives when it comes to bookish websites. The following are the Bookish Websites which... Continue Reading →

When on a budget..

note: personal musings.. When on a budget.. I read e-published books When on a budget.. I go to a secondhand bookstore When on a budget..I try not to go to bookstores When on a budget.. it motivates me to read books from my bookpile When on a budget, I sell some of my books which... Continue Reading →

When buying a book..

note: just some random thoughts.. When buying a book.. I only read the synopsis if its short and concise.. When buying a book.. I look at the cover if it looks good.. When buying a book.. I sometimes smell it.. When buying a book.. I check if there is an ending page most especially if... Continue Reading →

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