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This week I am reading an assortment of books. I am about to finish some, the others I have just started. Some of this books are ebooks since copies still are not available here in the Philippines. Thanks for reading! something magical representation with magic and a series of heists witty flirting one night only


Books I meant to read in 2018 but didn’t get to

January 22: Books I Meant to Read In 2018 but Didn’t Get To I do have a lot of books in my book pile. Some of this were published last year. I can't really stick to a TBR list so I just randomly read any book I fancy. This results with me reading more back reads... Continue Reading →

To woo a reluctant lady by Sabrina Jeffries

“Darling, you have a brother fond of holding a gun on me, a sister who can shoot anything that moves, two other brothers who've repeatedly threatened to thrash me, and a grandmother who buys off constables. Do you really think I'm fool enough to antagonize them by committing adultery?” ― How to Woo a Reluctant Lady, Sabrina Jeffries,

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